9 Aug 2006

Fawsley Fayre and V Festival??!!! Bleugh!

Why am I doing it?

Chris and I were well received even though we had never jammed before and we must practise...

Trying to get a mortgage I was in this padded cell with a glass door near Moorgate, the more she went on and on about death insurance, handicap insurance, about fluctuating markets, I felt something in my mouth and it was the taste of that certain kind of indulgence that people seek in order to forget, to obliterate the strains of a society that they feel is not humane....I wanted to be a drugged up drop-out and cling to pint glasses on wooden bars and wooden tables to blur the edges of a life that cut like paper does: slyly.

But the stress of this job and the alien-ness of this mortgage (see the post on getting a room with a view - it's about the shared ownership scheme_) are bringing other goods. Will let you know if there is a harvest.

....and today we went to a church hall and I watched my boss be slated by 50 of the local community. They wanted a school or a playground: they were thinking of their kids. Oh yes and of their CARS. Goodness do they not want the new houses to bring cars. We (the council) are inherintly evil, not pioneers of change. But this is a great incentive to prove them wrong!

So will I sell out to play at the festival of "the music we all love" - they are the real audio body snatchers - Virgin radio?

Morrisey a great lyricist is playing, wouldn't you? And Faithless, I can dance to that.

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