26 Jul 2006


All the eco souls are coming together weekend after next. Ive never been to a non mains festival, and will have to play from batteries and invertors...also get some wellies for my mates! Ive got some they are leopard print and I've only worn them once so far.

Anyone coming? It's only £20 a day in Cheddar. I've got a really good feeling about it. I'm going to experiment on the crowd with this new version of last year's music.

After that - Leicester Square. (!) for some sanskrit drum and bass
Meanwhile we are moving, and have to GIVE UP THE FELINE!! I dont want to, she is so deliciously small and fine....and very felxible. when she sleeps you can bend her paw foward and back and she wont flit, AND you can pick her up in a swoop with one hand - @$%&^**%!!