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Live Radio Performance

Circular Landscapes
Recorded and performed on found and handmade instruments by Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver in the Mleiha Desert, a site of rich archeological significance dating back to the first human migrants out of Africa, in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Performed live by Bradley-Weaver at Maraya Arts Centre, Sharjah.

Petrosubjectivity. October, 2016. Live performance on AM and FM at Radio Revolten, AM and FM radio, Halle, East Germany. Using found instruments on location in Halle, a composition mixed live with read texts by Brett Bloom, Marinetti's 'Futurist Manifesto', and Pablo Neruda's poem 'Standard Oil Company'.

Broadcast Compositions

Sharjah Art foundation Commission: 4/4 Listening on the Move
'The Far Becomes Near' series- Episode 4 /4: Listening on the Move, examining the rise of radio in parallel to the formation of the United Arab Emirates. Radio was a centrifugal force for ideas of community and of nationality, but how has this changed with today's proliferation of on-line listening platforms? Through conversations with broadcasters, academics and media commentators, this show examines what broadcast practices tell us about UAE's current national and smaller community identities. For previous episodes please visit

 'Documenta14 Athens Part II'. It's time for the Orthodox Easter ceremonies in Greece, yet themes of economy, mass migration and identity filter through the streets and occasionally subsumes them. Meanwhile Documenta14 from within the frame of the art industry, seeks to address these pressing issues that we either face, or hide from today, documenting how art has conveyed the brutalism, the poetry and the madness of human reality in the past. Visit for part I.

That Christmas Feeling, December 2016.
Seeking to express the feeling of the impending holidays through music inspired by the Middle East, the region in which Christmas supposedly originated, but is sidelined as an ingredient by the commercial styling of the festival.
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Recorded Interview as Research

Oumaïma Manaï, a young choreographer from Tunisia, discusses her role at the Tunisian Pavilion at Venice Biennale, and the role of hip hop in offering Tunisian youth an alternative language by which to express themselves. The pavilion holds no artworks but employs dance as a means of animating the debate on migration, around which the curation is centred.

As the quinquennial Documenta14 opens in its second city, Kassel in Germany, we hear from participating artist Joar Nango. One of the endangered Sámi tribes in Norway, Nango creates an installation called European Everything at the Athens Conservatory and will now present his travelling theatre at Kassel this week. 

Turkey in Venice, the Sound of ÇIN. An interview with the artist representing Turkey at the National Pavilion Venice Biennial. A musician with an architectural background, Cevdet Erek's audio and architectural installation is named after the sound - ÇIN.


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