25 Aug 2006

V is for VACANT

OK been there, done that. Not the best fesitval ever. Everyone looked the same, moved the same, seemingly they all felt the same too. The only interesting thing was the amnesty girls and boys had created in having been cheated in the price of their ticket to having to queue for an aeon for the dignity of private pee spot, were now squatting in groups behind trailers and guarding each other while they relieved themselves all over the greenery of mother nature and in full view of everyone else.

So, Chris did a brilliant set, he head was wobbling all over the place. I'll post a pic next time. For now, I'm quite happy that I got to play in front of Bobby Friction who said I was brilliant DJ and afterwards told me to send him my music. Who'd have thought it? He was taking pictures of me on his phone, possibly not many scrubby looking brown girls take harmoniums out into fields at night and settle their laptop sets on top.

I'm organising Experiment in Sound at the Ministry - lining up experimental DJs and musicians for Nov 29th. Let me know if you are interested, we'll need more than that, little stalls, acts roaming around that truly luscious venue!

AND TONIGHT>..... I'm on radio in America kradio is kill radio:
Jessica Rylan
Michiko Kawagoe 9:00-10:30pm Los
time THURS. 8/24/06
Cheryl E. Leonard
CJ Reaven Borosque
Fari Bradley


here's link to the radio page in case you'd like to LISTEN LIVE
(show is at 9PM Pacific Standard Time TONITE):


here's the link to his little "advert" on his blog about which of you
artists he's going to feature on tonite's show (thought you might be
to see your names here):


if you miss the show- looks like they do archive some (not sure if all)
you can try to locate
the show after it happens here at this page:


People are apparently writing in from all over the world saying how much they love
the sounds on the comp!