31 Jul 2012

One Hour Radio Show - Serbia's Peščanik on Resonance 104.4FM

Milos Ciric, Peščanik

After a visit to SHARE Conference, Belgrade this year my enthusiasm was sparked by a passionate young man on stage holding a microphone, discussing Serbia's taboo and neglected topics in front of a part-intrigued (visitors) / part-disgruntled (Serbian) audience.
So we asked the collective he represented (Peščanik) to create a radio show on the current state of Serbian society for us, and here it is! "In Broken English"
Broadcasting August 2nd 8-9pm GMT on UK's art-music radio station. Listen anywhere in the world HERE
About the show - In Broken English
This special edition of Peščanik is in broken English. The guests are: wise-man lawyer Srdja Popovic, evolutionary biologist Biljana Stojkovic, and street-savvy teenager Vasa. While trying not to to be too heavy they discuss the grim topics that are a Serbian reality: the far-right-wing parties who came to power in the May election, the never-acknowledged genocide in Srebrenica, the medieval ways of the Serbian Orthodox Church and how it is only natural that so many young people are leaving Serbia every day...