28 Mar 2012

Friday Late

 We'll be taking over this awesome space on Friday with a musical intervention. The piece harks back to  old cassettes we listened to as children. At boarding school we'd fall asleep in the dormitory with Iranian violin and plaintive vocals turning over into the night. The interplay of singers and physical space, as well as the notation play on the theme of distances: in time, in space and relational distances between ourselves and others, our outer and inner selves.

The challenge then was to create a work between Iranian traditional music, orchestral sounds and sonic arts, as this is a particular formation of the Resonance Radio Orchestra. Performers for this event are from 4 different worlds: classical music, classical Persian, sonic arts and even heavy metal, the hardest part was communicating a graphic score between the different schools. The acoustics and nature of the space are very particular, it's been a ride!

The poem by C13th Indian poet Amir Khusrow translates from the original Persian as:
 I have become you, and you me; I have become the body,
you the soul; So that none hereafter may say
that “I am someone and you someone else.”
Amir Khusrow Dehlawi

The V and A Late is a free event come along. Thanks to singer Parvin Cox for her amazing voice.