10 Oct 2010

Resovision at the Frieze Art Fair


Breaking news: in addition to its radio broadcasts, Resonance104.4fm will be running a four-day television channel live from this year’s Frieze Art Fair, London, 14 to 17 October 2010: ResoVision. It will be streamed live for the duration of the fair. Highlights will be broadcast by Community Channel and will feature on Freeview.

I've put together a collection of short films documentaries and animations from Iranian film makers and artists that I've come across during the programming of Six Pillars to Persia since 2005. It's become a subsection of the weekend's broadcast.

Bob & Roberta Smith and special guests will host this radical new experiment in arts broadcasting. From conceptual telly to art-world quizzes, from radio-with-pictures to inter-species chat shows, from handmade feature films to detourned cctv, ResoVision is a site for a vast array of new and archival audiovisual surprises – and a new take on testcards.