13 Oct 2010

Resovision at Frieze Art Fair, London, 2010

Live on ResonanceFM's TV station: RESOVISION
We've installed a wall of TV screens at the ResonanceFM booth and will broadcast over the fair on the above link.
I've curated a series of Iranian films from people who've been on the radio show 'Six Pillars to Persia', and whose work I admire.
They are: Arash Moori (my all time fave), Rouzbeh Rashidi, Reza Haeri, Nooshin Farhid, Minou Norouzi, Mohammad Namazi, one short by myself and one digitised from 16mm by Karem Ibrahim who is from Cairo (if only we could see one of his full size mazes one day...) and there's also Simon Tyszko who's worked with us at ResonanceFM.  I also got hold of the most amazing short film experiment from the Serpentine Gallery, because you must see it. It's by a bunch of kids who wrap one of theirs in newspaper, and film him silently as he moves about Edgware Road interacting with members of the public. They use slow shots to really shift your perspective on what's going on. It's one of those rare films that give you energy.
Aside from the Iranian film subsection on the schedule, there's also some live TV going on during the day which I'm hosting. 
Tomorrow 11.30am I'll be interviewing film director Sophie Fiennes about her new film "Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow". It's about the life of artist
A panel discussion on Currents Contemporary  Iranian Film and Video Art, Sat morning 12.30-1pm live.  I'll be joined by curator Vali Mahlouji who ran the Iran New Voices series at Barbican, and Artist Nooshin Farhid who also teaches at Central St Martin's college of Art and Design on the MA Fine Art Courses and who curated a number of exhibitions including ‘Use this kind of Sky’ which  was a gallery show, video installation, radio broadcast, film/video screening and publication all at once.
We are discussing Nooshin's personal experience as an exiled artist and Vali will talk about art systems and art infrastructure. 
I'm also interviewing Frieze Project artist Shahyar Nashat about his work, Sat morning sometime, as I write we are still working on the parabolic speaker over the booth...