9 Jun 2010

Music and Protest in London - Knife Crime

Spurred on by local events I collected a series of excerpts and interviews from people protesting in London, where music was the main medium of vocalising their feelings of outrage and determination.

This is the first in the series, where the community of a mortally wounded teenager David Idowu gather to protest knife crime in the same park where he was slain by other teenagers. The protesters aim to make an impact so that his life wasn't taken in vain and highlight the issue by drawing in the wider community to watch the events on a small stage.

David was killed during the daytime for wearing the wrong blazer on the basketball court, by two teenagers with a machete who were wearing niqabs.

Speaking are: Father Ray - the local vicar, two youngsters from the performing dance group.

Click on the hearing trumpet to listen to the audio.