8 Jun 2010

This Saturday - Club Integral @ The Grosvenor, Stockwell SW9

20:30 - 1.00 Saturday 12th June 2010

Mother Tongue, Glassglue, Sound of the Sun and Kay Grant, Fari B + DJ Chris Cornetto and live video mixing from Jaime Rory Lucy aka Rucksack Cinema.

A four-piece avant-garde rock group comprising Marcel Stoetzler, Matthew Karas, Gianluca Galetti and Emyr Tomos.

"...There have been very few takers for the epithet 'The New Vivian Stanshall' over the last four years, but in vocalist Marcel Stoetzler, London's Glassglue may have unearthed him. Throughout these five tracks, he holds fort with a half-theatrical, half-knowing line in delivery and patter, whilst Matthew Karas, Gianluca Galetti and Emyr Tomos stagger with poise around the margins of time signatures. The rhythmically challenging likes of  'I Ain't Gonna Steal Your Time No More' suggest they could collapse at any moment, but somehow don't, and to generally great effect.'
(Rory McNamara, takingnotes.org.uk September 2006) 

Fari B 
Fari studied Indian classical vocal, sarod and the science of yoga at an Indian music academy for a year. Part of experimental sound collective ResonanceFM for 5 years, she produced CDs, presented radio show one-offs as well as the acclaimed radio series Six Pillars to Persia, and curated live radio and music events. Live Fari uses laptop, keys or harmonium in various styles.  DJing she likes creating mash-ups of Hindi bazaar, Chinese folk trance, Iranian hip hop and other obscure street music. She has performed live sets of Indian classical music, singing ragaas with harmonium, sitar, laptop and break-beat accompaniment.  Fari also experiments with circuit bending, creating Indian classical and electronic cut-ups. In USA she contributed to the CD launch of 'Women Take Back the Noise' (which features two of her hand-crafted sound-art tracks). She produced the CD 'Art's Content' for Resonance FM featuring improvised pieces alongside slide guitarist BJ Cole and the legendary Hand of Glory. She will be performing a solo set and a DJ set.

Kay Grant 
Brooklyn-born Grant has worked with a dizzyingly diverse range of musicians and "genres". In New York she worked with performances of Cobra, free improv workshops with John Zorn, recordings and live appearances with Elliott Sharp's Carbon and combinations with instrumentalists such as cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm and percussionist Michael Evans. Grant also played electric bass in the infamous underground industrial project Missing Foundation and the free jazz power noise trio Fihi Ma Fihi.  Signed to Cop Shoot Cop's record label, Big Cat, they supported the band on tour throughout the Continent and the UK. Kay plays bass with several bands including singer Pinkie Maclure's Fingerfood, and writes her own songs for The Elements with Silverfish drummer Stuart Watson. 
With programmer Richard Gallon she formed electro-pop duo Switch, which in turn led to her recording of single What You Are with Natacha Atlas producer Tim Whelan. With Resonance Radio Orchestra she performs radio plays and is currently working on new interpretations of Jazz standards, and continues to sing classically with the Chandos Chamber Choir. At this event Kay performs with impro-rock band Sound of the Sun.
 "A true ensemble player"
"Always surprising"
"A real vitality and joie de vivre" "Extraordinary vocal talent" - Time Out

Sound of the Sun 
An improvising rock band formed out of the group Superstrings. They feature Simon King (Homelife, Lotus Pedals) on guitar and effects, Chris Cornetto (Native Hipsters, Charles Hayward, Grateful Dub) on trumpet, flugelhorn, tape machine and Korg synthesizer and Paul May (The Lady Woodsmen, Duke Garwood, Dominic Lash Trio) on drums. They are joined by Kay Grant.
 "Sound of the Sun are more than the some of their very substantial parts... veering through fractured jazzy interludes, dissected by squalls of effects-laden rock solos from guitarist Simon King, skittering skewed beats from Paul May and underlaid with heavy synth patterns and bop trumpet phrases from Chris Cornetto, the band build a monumentally anarchic sound live".  Resonance FM

Mother Tongue
Describing themselves as "avant-pub", this is the first live outing for this trio of London avant-garde stalwarts.

The Grosvenor, 17 Sidney Road, Stockwell, London, London, SW9 0TP