21 May 2010

DJing 70s Iranian Disco & Ethno-electro Sat night

This event is madder than anything you could dream up on an inspired and lonley bus journey from Palmer's Green to Finsbury Park climbing centre on the top deck during a sun-shower.  It's also a private party but if you let me know you're coming I can get you in.
  • Contemporary Brazilian dance
  • Live kale juicing and leggings
  • Live painting throughout the night
  • Beloved of Henry’ interactive performance with cello
  • Dance movement that incorporates mudras and Brazilian contemporary dance. Featuring dancers
  • Bossa nova singing and guitar
  • Double bass, guitar and trumpet
  • And to get y’all shape making on the dance floor, we have Resonance 104.4FM's ‘Six Pillars to Persia’s Fari B, bringing her sounds of ethno electro and rare funk tracks from pre '79 Iran.
We'll be raising money for the charity Stepping Stones Nigeria (www.steppingstonesnigeria.org). We’ll be charging the usual mere £5 at the door. In order to raise a decent amount of cash, a cheap bar will also feature. 
And a bit of important procedure on your part – this is a private event and we MUST have your name on the paying guest list, so if you reckon you’ll be coming please let know. We will NOT be able to allow anyone else in after midnight, council orders are orders!
‘Tis happening Saturday 22nd May N16, Nearest London Overground station is Dalston Kingsland and ‘tis just round the corner from the Vortex jazz club, Gillett Square. For more info on buses and how to get there, check out www.parkroadpilot.org. Hope to see you there!