8 Nov 2007

Cat protest in plastic bags + The Wire 25th Birthday hosts Resonancefm

Who knows to what end our freakish feline picks her way into the empty bags as we put away food. Protest for the environment? Abandonment? For the endless fountain of cattle ends steamed in ash that we feed her?

"Cat willingly takes up difficult performance piece in plastic bag sculpture". (It has to be done gingerly, without the bag losing its shape and once completed she is silent, demure, head peeping discreetly with the expression of someone caught having a bath at home on CCTV). Otherwise she is quite regal.

This month there's been much rigging for gigs (e.g The Wire and youth radio.) The Resonance Radio Orchestra performance was in the Art Theatre in Covent Garden, where we performed improv and electronics, with bassoon, tinnitus machine and harmonium amongst other things and used found material to put together a short monologue.

A friend took her wedding party to the registry and back on a public bus, all the other passengers and the driver were bemused. She had requested an 80s set as her present from me, (always wanted to put Captain Sensible, Toyah Wilcox and Adam Ant on the loud speakers).