16 Oct 2007

Frieze week


goodiepal's workshop

     ...it's been a long one. Bob and Roberta Smith created a haven for us safe from the garish bloodletting that is sales. He also put a large amount of his own and other artists' work on auction for Resonancefm, which apart from being amazingly altruistic is very dynamic and earned him the admiration hopefully of those in the art world who believe in art for art's sake, rather than for name's sake. Possibly Alan Yentob who I took to be a Persian art collector, as he said he was interested in Resonancefm, but couldn't understand why I was asking him to do something for Resonance if I had no idea who he was. (That's probably the first time someone has been interested in him without knowing anything of his reputation for a long time. )

I interviewed to Lara Favoretto, who I'd been working with all week and hosted the greatly intriguing Goodiepal, as he performed live on air, I also assembled and interviewed assorted Gavin Brown artists with the unparented children working in his booth (Child labour? We'll not complain about 50p home-made lemonade when water at Frieze was £3 a bottle!) and I popped over to the Zoo Art Fair put together a show about that and broadcast it from the Frieze.
Here's the podcast, wherein the great inventor demonstrates his mechanically marvelous, contrary, yet mischievous, mind: Goodiepal

NB! Goodiepal is looking for work! Find out more about the Faroe Island intriguer here