1 Nov 2006

SOUND - a dirth of minidisc recorders?

How to describe the self-punitive pulse of modern humanity? Taking her own catalogue of field recordings from nature and music concrete, Fari hunts out rhythms within the spooky isolation of an urban setting and encases them in electronica. She builds soundscapes from these that are as close to the ear as to the modern heartbeat, a heatbeat which leans ever increasingly towards the arrhythmic.

Here we go - Immersion have published this for a performance on 30th Nov Thursday 7-11pm at The Fleapit come along!

Taste some of my sounds here....

Before I leave for America I intend to get some practise in, so we may be playing again at other places. Meanwhile, preparing to do a show on women in electronica on Resonancefm this month based on WOMEN TAKE BACK THE NOISE.

If you've any ideas let us know.
Meanwhile, would you believe noone is selling minidisc recorders anymore? Where are things going?