22 Sep 2015

The Art of Nuisance: Residency and Group Show Oct 8th

With Miss Pokeno's mask and the instrument of nuisance
The art of joyful disobedience!

After working in Southwark for the 'Regeneration' Department around 2006, I was disillusioned by local councils and their demonstrations of 'local good will' while gentrifying areas in the name of profit. So it was great to come back for a residency at the studio of The Sisters of Perpetual Resistance.

The result, a 5 woman show The Art of Nuisance opens October 8th 2015 in Borough, London at Sisters HQ, 8th – 23rd October 2015,
1 Doyce Street

The Art of Nuisance is a 15 day series of workshops, events and gatherings to celebrate new feminist activism. "Subverting the patronising claim by politicians of the time that militant suffragettes were merely ‘making a nuisance of themselves’, we are dedicating two weeks to rowdy art and agitation by women. This is beautifully executed discontent which you can participate in."

"Over the summer of 2015 Miss Pokeno invited five young emerging artists to the Sisters’ HQ at London Bridge to create an Instrument Of Nuisance. Each artist was given ten days and resources to interpret this brief however they chose. The resulting work will be exhibited at the opening show on the 8th of October.

Expect wayward and extravagant work from sonic artist Fari Bradley; web meddler Meg Mosley; as well as anarchist artist Cristinalina (aka Gold Peg); feminist art provocateur Sarah Maple; and still-at-art-school-but-you-just-wait Rebecca Jackson. There will be dissenters’ workshops, film nights and soup salons, not to mention inter-generational feminist arm-wrestling (sign up now), intelligent, rumbustious, joyous, gin-fuelled mayhem in the back streets of Southwark."

It is in the anarchic nature of The Art of Nuisance that events will slip and slide. Some will only be announced the day or hour before the happening. Some may not be revealed at all.

Check the website or facebook page for constant updates.

These guys were on their way to an anti-austerity march so I tooted for them
Thursday 8th October 6pm-9pm: Art of Nuisance opens the exhibition
-Sunday 11th October: Poster makeup and pasteup with Cristinalina
-Tuesday 13th October 7-9pm: screening of Just Do It  – a tale of modern day outlaws – film about climate change activists directed by Emily James
-Saturday 17th October 6pm-12 midnight: #MeggyandMapes (artists Sarah Maple and Meg Mosley) host an Inter-Generational Feminist Arm-Wrestling evening
-Friday 23rd October 6pm- 12pm: Fierce Fiesta! The artists take their work to the streets ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN

Contact details:
For high res press images and interviews with artists please email: bird@misspokeno.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thereturnofthesistersofperpetualresistance
Instagram: https://instagram.com/sistersofperpetualresistance/