6 Jun 2015

A Model Studio at The Maraya Arts Centre, Sharjah UAE

Our installation A Model Studio has been installed at The Maraya Art Centre, Sharjah, UAE.  

This is the studio in which Chris Weaver and I created the audio for a limited edition vinyl record made in the UAE.  The studio itself is decorated with imagery inspired by hacked Atari coding, which we also took as the basis for a musical graphical score.

This artist's edition, strictly limited to 100 and decorated with a piece of handwoven music, is named after the exhibition in which A Model Studio featured: Systems for a Score.  Collaborations made in inside include vocals, school children making musique concrete, tanbura, oud and rababa laid over various forms of sound art and electronica. 
Maraya Arts Centre is a three storey arts space of 1,500 square meters in the heart of Sharjah, in the Qasba.  

Established in 2010, Maraya Art Centre is a non-profit creative space offering the public an innovative curated and its exhibitions programme features leading Middle Eastern and international artists. Their multi-media facilities include a video archive, an art library, a regular public programme of workshops and events designed by its in house team and guest curators. 

Maraya also has several public art park sites within its local vicinity that feature interactive projects and sculptures and runs the new 1971 design space on Flag Island, Sharjah.