14 Apr 2014

Welcome to Iraq - Baghdad Radio Live Performance

Wednesday April 18th I'm performing with the most amazing qanoon (zither) player and award-winning/published Iraqi poets Hassan Abdulrazzak and Ghareeb Iskander.

The event is a free live event at South London Gallery in South East London, for Welcome to Iraq, the first show to feature artists working inside Iraq at the Venice Biennial since 1976. Details on the link above.

For this I'm using my Bed of Nails circuit (pictured) and the Lady Bracknell which I built on a Dirty Electronics workshop. We'll be using radio transmissions, one turntable and an array of found and domestic objects, as well as two reed flutes and a two-string bow. Plus a circuit bent keyboard! And there's more.

The Lady Bracknell is named after the character of an English gentlewoman in The Importance of Being Earnest. After watching hours of footage from and about Iraq as research, this is the best way to approach sound on the night.

Here's part of one of the amazing poems we'll be hearing straight from the writer's mouth. 

WAMI (Yaseen Wami, Hashim Taeeh) 2013
When I try to recall how our daytrip ended,
I manage little more than an image of you
Standing in the shadow of the house Hawthorne immortalised:

The red apple caught
In the warmth of your palm;
The sun, tucked behind you,
Out of sight;

Your perfect teeth primed
For the perfect bite. 
 By Hassan Abdulrazzak