26 Nov 2013

Nominated! Radio Production Awards 2013

Between this and the Sound Women How to Win event there's been no time. However I should say that it was entirely due to working on the How to Win event that the thought occurred to apply for once, mainly to be able at least say I know something about the question in hand, as regards How to Win. Previously I've not applied due to lack of time, organisation, resources and a fear of losing but...result! The main insight to share is that there are very few winning examples of audio online, but the process itself is informative.  More below!
Resonance104.4FM, while it has what has been described as having cult status amongst our 20,000 worldwide online listeners a month, is run on a community licence (we can't afford to count on air listeners in London, we go by reports from our network on how many London cabbies and garages are discovered playing it out). This means that none of the producers, researchers, presenters, individual show website writers or promoters, engineers or podcasters are paid. In fact, most ResonanceFM programme makers are all of these, producing the shows outside of working hours. I'd think it's fair to say most do it for the love of the subject alone. And so this isn't the first time Resonance104.4FM has been recognised at these awards! Plus we've had more than one nomination in the biggest radio industry awards, the Sonys where national and commercial stations are pitted against the community ones able to muster the £100 application fee and the time to apply! It has always been worth it. The importance of awards like these at setting industry standards and incentive were discussed in the Sound Women event How to Win, the audio of which will be available to SW members in the new year.