18 Sep 2013

Performing a work in progress - Cine Film from Iran

Tonight is a salon dedicated to the work in progress of my sound residency at the artist-run cine film space, no.w.here. It's a closed performance, designed for peer to peer feedback. The process has been notably revealing about the medium as a whole.

The more I've investigated fidelity or colour reproduction and sources for positive film in the UK, the more I realise how cornered cine film making is as a practice. Do we really want to move entirely into the virtual world of digital film? The tactile nature of hand-processing can never be reproduced, and why bother trying to reproduce it, when the medium has produced some of the best films and artworks of all time. But instead of nurturing this important aspect of image production in the arts, the industry is making things harder and harder and is turning to new formats where 'undo, delete' has rendered users hopelessly unaware of the procedures they are engaging with, there by making them mostly helpess when it comes to creative control.
I hope my piece and the skills I've picked up will contribute to the reversal of thinking around film, and some of the plans we've discussed, even using a 3d printer to recreate obsolote but important tools, will come into play.