8 Nov 2012

Cine Filmachinery

As part of my residency I've learned how to transfer negative to positive film reels... in the dark.

 The noise from the Contact Printer is deafening. Currently in the UK, due to the last existing space in Soho closing down in the face of digital domination (! sounds like a conspiracy!), there is no way of copying colour film at perfect colour quality levels. But the contact printer will copy colour film and imbue the new reel with a yellowish, possibly sepia tone. For my project I'll be copying 1970s home movies so that I can keep a version to work on. Better get some ear plugs.

Below is my short film of the viewfinder in the Contact Printer, where a ghostly figure appears head and shoulders for a brief moment. By chance my phone seemed to record it's own glitch, so that there are pixels missing from certain frames. What an interesting juxtaposition of two forms, each with their own merits and drawbacks.

 As usual with all this cine-film machinery, the viewfinders are grainy, hard to focus on and only a means to estimation. It's a voyage of discovery, simply processing, nothing as exact as digital.