27 Feb 2012

WOW Festival - Live Show - Tues 27th Feb, 8-9pm

WOW at London's Southbank
I'll be joined live on air tomorrow evening by a sprightly group of dynamic women to discuss the pending take over of London's Southbank Centre.
My guests will be Hannah Pool, best known for her column “The New Black” in The Guardian a co-programmer of WOW,  Lynne Parker, founder /Managing Director of Funny Women one of One Hundred Unseen Powerful Women ‘who change the world’ for her outstanding work in the artsRachel Millward founder/ Creative Director of Bird’s Eye View (pending babysitter) an organisation that work to help the mere 7% of all filmmakers who are women...and more!

We went last year on the huge march across the bridge with Annie Lennox, heard also the women of Afghanistan who stand in government explain their situation and the warmth and urgency of the crowd has stayed with us. This is the second WOW festival, one that builds and builds with emotion, shouting to anyone within earshot: women need more exposure.

Listen to my podcast from last year HERE.