4 Jun 2011

When Our Clothes Speak

An intervention by artist Cornelia Krafft in her bespoke robe, here at Venice Biennial 2011. She and I moved from the Giardini St. Helena where she stood by the sea, to the entrance of the the Vogue show (pictured here) which presented the hackneyed and kitsched-up image of a woman in Afghani burkha for their show "What Women Want".

Here she wears her bespoke white robe inscribed with a famous Arabic saying regarding the freedom enjoyed by countries while others are not free.

I felt this worked very well, as undoubtedly what women want, often more than anything when quizzed on what they would wish for the world entire is: peace.  If you don"t believe me, ask a few and see what they tell you.

Cornelia Krafft lives and works in Lebanon.