6 Mar 2011

Pearls on the Ocean Floor

This Torture
Why should we tell you our love stories
when you spill them together like blood in the dirt?
Love is a pearl lost on the ocean floor,
…or a fire we can’t see,
but how does saying that
push us through the top of the head into
the light above the head?

Love is not
an iron pot, so this boiling energy
won’t help.

Soul, heart, self.

Beyond and within those
is one saying,
How long before
I’m free of this torture!

(by Hafez, C14th)
To mark International Women's Day a screening of the documentary 'Pearls on the Ocean Floor' followed by a panel discussion.

The 77min documentary is by American film maker Robert Adanto and features a large group of women artists such as Shirin Neshat (pictured) talking frankly about their work, their lives and their relationship with Iran especially as explored through the medium of art.

This event has been organised by the Centre for Iranian Studies and Fari Bradley, Six Pillars

Panel include: Malu Halasa writer and co-author of Transit Tehran, Chili Hawes director October Gallery; Sara Shamsawari, Iranian contemporary artist; Azadeh Fatehrad, Iranian contemporary artist; Fari Bradley, Iranian arts broadcaster.

Hear my interview with the director on Resonance 104.4fm