21 Dec 2010

Six Pillars Newsletter - A New Decade

A last communique before 2011 - win, listen in, celebrate, debate 

Current Competition

One right answer so far.
Be one of five to win a free photography session for you and your family in a west London studio
Q: One of the pioneers of photography in Iran was Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar. To whom did he give ownership of Iranian Customs to during his reign?
It's easy to find the answer and an interesting one at that
Answers: sixpillarstopersia (at) resonancefm.com

New podcast: 'Drinking Arak Off an Ayatollah's Beard'

Forthcoming podcast: artist Sara Shamsavari on 'Britain Retold', free to see until Jan 4th at City Hall

Upcoming Shows:
January 10th
Golnaz Fathi discusses her new calligraphic deviations and solo show at The October Gallery, London - free to see until Jan 22nd. This is our second interview with Golnaz

Jan 17th
Producer Namito visits via Berlin and Mexico to play London Bridge's: Counter Culture. We discuss the pains and pleasures of production, the Berlin scene and of live performance

Jan 24th
Gaffar Pourazar on the amazing story that led him to become director of the Centre for Beijing Opera in China, commanding his own experimental monkey troupe. Pourazar is the first ever non-Chinese to receive an award for performance in Beijing Opera

Iran Is a Paper Tiger: Debate - Thursday February 24th, 2011. We'll be giving away two tickets to this in January
http://www.ediranfest.co.uk/ - Edinburgh Iranian Festival earl 2011