4 Dec 2010

Holiday Tolerables and My Favourite Iranian Tracks of the Moment....

A greedy day today, with my choice of music going out on A World in London, BBC London 94.49FM from 8.30ish - 10pm, then on Free Lab Radio on Resonance104.4FM from 11-12pm

I've picked my best Iranian songs of the year (some still come with me from year to year they are that good) and had such a surge of antagonitsm about the usual shop and commercial radio soundtracks at this time of year, that I've put together a set of what I call "Christmas Tolerables" for Free Lab Radio. Thank goodness for Free Lab Radio.

After that I'm going to a party because if we don't have each other in times like these what have we got? Our temporary tinkering and our transient thoughts?

Get out there, go cheer your friends with your company. You know who they are.