13 Sep 2010

Free Lab Radio This Sat Night - Music and Censorship

Music has always been engaged in protest, even before the slave songs of the USA. What happens when we become so sophisticated that our creative output is controlled by our own governments, some of them 'elected by us'?

There is little within international law that is more chilling, the idea that your freedom is endangered by the way you express yourself. As a musician I can relate to this in a very fundamental way, and it is for this reason that Index on Censorship's latest issue's really commendable. They've named it SMASHED HITS 2.0

Smashed Hits 2.0 is their compilation by this issue's contributors. You can check it and download on iTunes HERE.

Radiohead's Colin Greenwood, Kurdish novelist Kaya Genç, Will Self and Femi Kuti are among the contributors to this special issue of the Index on Censorship magazine, published on 8 September.

To celebrate the launch, Free Lab Radio delves into protest music and music from countries where censorship is common. We'll be playing at the launch of the magazine too here in London. 

Free Lab Radio is an audio experiment from one week to the next - dance, speech, live broadcasts on location and in the studio - taking you places from the comfort of your living room chair. 

Tune in on Sat 18th September 11-12 GMT, and hear the wind down session on Sunday morning with audio art from 12-1am afterwards. Listen live on 104.4FM across London, or check the Listen page of www.resonancefm.com for details on how to stream live. We also have a Facebook player application which streams the live broadcast for you.  More on Free Lab Radio HERE.