10 Sep 2009

Interview with Jem Finer, Pogues Founding Member and Composer of Longplayer

Longplayer is a 1000 year long composition that began Jan 31st 1999. From a lighthouse in Trinity Buoy Wharf the composition could be heard from several listening points in the world and on the internet.

Now Jem Finer, who has spent two years in the Astrophysics Department in Cambridge as an artist in residence, has brought his Longplayer to the Camden Roundhouse. His circular score for the playing of 32 perfectly tunes Tibetan bowls works perfectly in the round space, and a 1000 minute performance will take place on Sat 12th September. Concurrrently a 1000 minute conversation relay will be launched and closed by Jeanette Winterson, between scientists, musicians and artists.
I went down to the Roundhouse to discuss with Jem concepts of time, scale and social organism.

The interview will be broadcast tomorrow on Resonance 104.4FM, and www.resonancefm.com, see the schedule for times.