8 Oct 2008

Frieze Frie.ze, F5riesze Me

Here we GO! Another year of Resonancefm broadcasting from inside London's original international art fair.

Hardly had we gone from exchanging pleasantries with Isabella Blow (r.i.p.) at the launch of Ririkrit Tiravanija's home, radio, kitchen, installation "Tomorrow is Another Fine Day", at the Serpentine, to following her walks around the fair, to years meeting Alan Yentob at pack up time and mistaking him for an 'ordinary human being'!

Last year Bob & Roberta Smith surpassed himself and designed our spectacular booth in a "art , heart and junk of the people" way, as I saw it. Despite being nominated as a finalist for the fourth plinth in Traffy Sq, still he deigns to cavort with us and will be presenting a show called 'Hyper Reality' from the Fair. At the moment I'm doing a show called 'Defense de Fumer' (working title), a sound piece interpreting the title of one of the talks (tba), and some bits from sister fair (distinctly different, and my favourite, for being not for profit): Zoo.

So Frieze 2008: Yoko Ono and Cosey Fanni Tutti of Throbbing Gristle head the talks.... luminaries of our history in both art and music. Well they couldn't get the queen to attend last year, despite the tree in her honour, so Yoko and Cosey will have to do. A better, more suitable choice by far, I think, even if our lady had decided to wear one of the best hats ever worn by Ms Blow. Because Frieze is and has always been about good business, networking and not ceremony. It began in 2001 as a good idea, a gap in the market. The only true Frieze pomp happens before the fair even opens, when The Man We Do Not Recognise appears with two women on his arms, women who note things down and make phone calls as he silently points and nods at the pieces that catch his fancy, his fancy being "what is good buy".....

So it's all hard knock gals this year, will be in my element. In this picture Yoko even looks like my mum, who has some very Mongolian physical traits rather than stereotypical Iranian. Also for some reason I'm looking forward to the films this weekend, meanwhile here is my interview with Cosey Fanni Tutti on the launch of an album we both appeared on called Women Take Back the Noise. It's a cute custom made triple CD, I phoned Cosey and we disussed being women in sound, Throbbing Gristle, Carter Tutti (Chris and Cosey as they were) and Athens (!) and not least: the word I'd invented to describe a certain school of sound in noise performance, which I posted here and called Shelectronica.

Maybe, if you are going, catch up with us this weekend for a bit of international "ma's tu vu?" as they call it in Brussels.