22 May 2007

Summer Madness

This weekend we broadcast from the Tate Modern. My show will be 2.45-4pm on Sat afternoon on the Mathieu Briand SPIRAL sculpture. Bascially lots of families bring their old records and they are cut into cheese shaped wedges and glued back together and played, so it is tape splicing applied to vinology. Charlie Dark, Xentos and other are also performing on his sculpture. Hear it on www.resonancefm.com

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26 May 2007 20:00
Tate Modern London, London and South East
2 Jun 2007 12:00
Bonkers Fest - Camberwell Green London, London and South East
8 Jun 2007 9:00
Southbank Centre 87.7 London
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Glastonbury - The Beach Glastonbury, Midlands
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12 Aug 2007 8:00
London Mela London

Tonight there was a group of Morris Dancers taking over a little street underneath my house, making way for the occasional car. I'm glad my local serves seasonal ales and is listed as one of the best ten pubs in London! Watching them it felt very free and easy to be alive, forgetting the big city forgetting the law. Unfortuntely today's Evening Standard announced they may be banning the monthly Reclaim the Streets by Critical Mass, something I first went to while at uni in London. This is a terrible infringement on our rights. Do the roads belong to cars, to people fleeing or descending upon London and paying their road tax? Or do they belong to the locals, for whom the road is not a highway but a view from the front room, and who pay the local council tax....?