11 Apr 2007

Six More Pillars?

Deciding whether to do another Six Pillars to Persia is annoying me. So much discussion, so little undertsanding. It is a turmoil no one can control though so many try. Oil and nuclear power, strength of belief and opression, fear and defiance, discussions and intrigue, news and stagnancy, history and modernisation, men of action - men of greed, descendants of great people inheritors of bloody histories, british and english, persian and iranian.

for a long radio show to not touch on some of these open wounds would be ridiculous. Last time I managed to bring on such an interesting variety of people that there was no one clear message to listeners about Iran. We were the counter-news, bringing on the real people, the ones who lovesd Iran but sacrificed it for their art, the ones who were not political in their work but in their very life choices...

If I do another series I'll have to talk about the subjects that make Iran a stereotype. How else to build a bridge to something that is always shape shifting for me - at once enticing at once terrible?