4 Apr 2007

Clever Girl Morrisette

This girl has, at last, come up with something challenging.

An excellent parody of the Black Eyed Peas 'My Humps' song with her own version and video. This is a worthy yet mocking
take on the bling-bling culture pervading our media. Even the pace of the dancing and the words hang together in perfect oddity, highlighting the wide gap between life as portrayed in these trends-to-which-kids-aspire-because-they-are-idealistic-and-young, and real life. She reiterates this much overlooked gap with her scenes of 'drama' at which the booty gang look fittingly ill at ease, with the real woman behind the humps.

Check this great piece of work here:

Click here for a translation of the slang where it explains the meaning of:
And mix your milk with my cocoa puff
milky milky cocoa
mix your milk with my cocoa puff
Milky milky