27 Jan 2007

Futurist Disco..?

I've never thought
solo at ICA (click here for more details) would be in this genre. So, futuristic sounds that hit an 80's nerve: Sat Feb 24th

£6.50/£5.50 if you fancy something odd surrounded by art.

Another weird twist is that Thursday's 'Mining for Gold' is Chris and I playing underneath SarahJane Morris, who is not only not my type of singer but will be singing hymns? The experiment continues.... tune in for free

At least at the historic little Poetry Cafe, I'll be doing whatever I want and am used to with words and soundscapes. Thurs Feb 9th, £3

Meanwhile my students reach the end of the course and their Final Major Projects, great news is the Head of Music Copyright at the BBC is willing to come all the way into the maze that is prison, to be interviewed by one of them for ten minutes. There are some people without concealed personal interests at heart out there.