7 Mar 2008

March Hair

It's been a long time, due to writing on www.irandokht.com, joining Facebook (good and bad!) and finding many old school friends, which hasinfact been a rather joyous experience.

I've also collated some findings for the weekly radio show I've been producing http://sixpillarstopersia.wordpress.com from Iranian national Ballet to pre-Islamic esoterica.

Also came across these which you might enjoy. The director of this video has taken political imagery, punk and even the aboriginal references you might hear in the music to make this intense and at once both claustrophobic and inspiring video:

Snother finding it is a remarkable song by a group that until now I've abhorred, having played at too many summer festivals where their one famous track was played ad nauseum. However the gypsy melodies in the track "Koupes I'll Smash Glasses" is so close to Middle Eastern melody that it reminds me of the work done by the gypsy travellers of the centuries to strengthen the very best of our ties as human tribes across the planet.