28 Nov 2007

Resonancefm Radio Orchestra at Resound, Stroud

"Attempted Brunch" by Ed Baxter is an tongue-in-critique of formulaic radio plays. The performance at Resound at the SVA gallery was underscored by the Resonancefm Radio Orchestra: Chris Weaver, Jim Barrington (Xentos), Fari Bradley, read by Sam Collings and bass clarinet played by Chris Cundy. Photos by Mary.

"The names, the names of the writers of these dramatic works on offer, they don't bear any comment at all. Those that sound like pseudonyms are all real, the real ones sound like they're fakes. You need a little more information, clearly. A strap line, so's you know
whether irony, quotation, what have you, whatever, is intended or not.

A thumbnail description would arise naturally, a plot would unfold in your mind straight off if only you had a tiny bit more of a clue - would flow forth as if the narrative were a living thing, like a greyhound, its course clear in your mind, moving instinctively and inevitably."

We were also treated to a film about Cornelius Cardew and the Scratch Orchestra, as well as the Badger Patch, a musician in a badger suit, which we had to miss in lieu of the first meal of the day - I hope he forgives us!

Stroud is a refreshing spot, a change after the cooped-up rushing of London and a journey peppered with football fans and riot police.

More Attempted Brunch sound check pictures here.